Aluminium Underarm Crutches


Aluminium Underarm Crutches

Durable and strong, these Aluminium Underarm Crutches are constructed from high tensile extruded aluminium making them both lightweight and very strong. Crutch length should be adjusted so that the user is able to maintain an upright posture with the elbow slightly flexed and the hands relaxed level with the handgrips.


  • Intended for use by individuals with disabilities and / or mobility issues
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Intended for single user use


      • Available in pairs:
        S (1370 - 1570mm)
        M (1540 - 1750mm)
        L (1770 - 2010mm)
      • Fitted with high quality rubber tips for stability.
      • Colour : Grey
      • Maximum User Weight : 136kg