Ankle Foot Orthosis


Ankle Foot Orthosis

Designed to correct ankle contractures, plantar flexion and foot drop.  AFOs are used to control foot drop caused by a variety of neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders. Due to the common use for addressing foot drop, AFO has become synonymous with the term “foot-drop brace”.

NON STOCK ITEM -  Non-stock items are filled as a special order and cannot be cancelled or returned, unless faulty or not fit for the purpose described.



  • The full sole plate provides a more precise guidance for the entire foot as well as enhanced pressure distribution.
  • Thermoforming and machine grinding may be used to custom fit the orthosis to each individual.
  • This model is notable for its minimal weight, high quality, and effective function


  • Available for shoe sizes 35-37, 37-39, 39-41 and 41-44.
  • The Ankle Foot Orthosis is only to be used for the orthotic fitting of the lower limb.