Otto Bock Malleo TriStep Ankle Orthisis


Malleo TriStep Otto Bock Ankle Support

Unwanted circumstance that leads to possible injuries may happen all the time. A simple twisting of ankle or failing may lead you to cause serious ankle problems. To prevent such thing, using appropriate support reduces damage and possible operation. Using this ankle foot orthosis can help you a lot for easy recovery.

Product Features:

  • Provide a proven systematic rehabilitation for the ankle

  • Comfortable hook-and-loop closures and easy open orthosis.

  • Adjustable length hook and loop closures

  • Using this may increase patient mobility

  • Ideal for diseases and injuries of the peroneal tendon and inflammatory

Product Sizes:


  • Extra Small: 25.5-29.0cm
  • Small: 29.5-31.5cm
  • Medium: 32.0-34.0cm
  • Large: 34.5-36.5cm
  • Extra Large: 37.0-39.0cm


  • Extra Small: 25.5-29.0cm
  • Extra Large: 37.0-39.0cm