Alternating Pressure Mattresses Novis Premium 8 Mattress Replacement


Premium 8 Digital with Concave

Premium 8 Mattress Replacement  is a full alternating pressure mattress replacement system for users at medium to high risk of pressure injury .The Premium 8 offers superior functionality, enhanced comfort and optimum infection control. An effective pressure care solution when used in conjunction with a comprehensive pressure prevention strategy.Increased cell depth makes the system well suited to the heavier patient. 


  • Ideal for the heavier patient at medium to high risk
  • Deep 200 mm cells to prevent bottoming out
  • 1 in 2 alternation cycle for pressure relief over a 12 minute cycle
  • Rapid release CPR tag for emergency deflation
  • Vapour permeable, waterproof top cover with multi stretch fabric to minimise friction and reduce shear
  • Maximum infection control including welded seams, antibacterial taping and full length waterfall skirt
  • Static head cells to add stability and reduce sleep disturbance
  • Fully adjustable digital control unit with eight comfort pressure settings; visible and audible alarm; timed transport and static functions for stable patient treatment
  • Warranty : 2 years


  • Length: 2000 mm
  • Weight: 10.8 Kg
  • Width: 880 mm
  • Maximum Capacity: 180 kg


  • Base material: Nylon fabric 420 denier
  • Cover material: High grade polyurethane,vapour permeable,waterproof
  • Cell material: high density 210 denier TPU, Thermally coated polyurethane


Premium 8
Bottoming Out Guide
Premium 8 Troubleshooting