Static Support Surfaces Better Living Double Layer


Better Living Double Layer

BetterLiving Double Layer  is an excellent multi-use solution for general use in any environment. A top layer of high density, temperature sensitive memory foam conforms to the body shape . Working in combination with firm medium density core for maximum support.This quality two layer foam mattress is ideal for patients with partial mobility. 


  • Excellent support and pressure reduction
  • Three layer, zoned design with hinge to suit profiling bed
  • Multi-density foam layers for maximum strength and comfort; protected by a cotton inner lining
  • Vapour permeable, bacteriostatically treated, fire retardant and water resistant top cover
  • 4 four way stretch cover material for enhanced anti-shear and and anti-friction benefits
  • Waterfall skirt to protect from moisture ingress; welded and taped seams for infection control
  • Warranty : 6 year body, 2 year cover
  • Product must be removed from vacuum packaging prior to the reconstitute By date printed on the carton. Failure to do so will void the product warranty.


  • Top Cover: latex free polyurethane


  • Length: 1960 mm
  • Width: 865 mm
  • Height: 150 mm
  • Maximum Capacity: 130 kg