Thera-Med Contoured Bed Wedge


Contoured and adjustable bed wedge with inbuilt support column to gently cushion the spinal arch. For optimal back support, the wedge is mildly angled to minimise pressure to the weight bearing lower vertebrae.

Ideal for people suffering medical conditions that require an angled sleeping position such as bronchial or respiratory problems, hiatus hernia, heart conditions or gastric reflux.

Available with either a removable, quilted cover for maximum comfort or a hospital grade, moisture resistant, bacteria inhibiting Steri-Plus™ cover for maximum infection control and incontinence protection.

Product Specification:

Bed Wedge with Quilted Cover Bed Wedge with Waterproof Cover
Weight 65 g 45 g
Colour White Dark Green
Height 40 > 250 mm 40 > 250 mm
Width 680 mm 680 mm
Length 750 mm  750 mm