Therapod Back Support Cushion


Versatile, durable and effective in relieving and preventing back pain in situations where alternative seating is not available. Designed to be completely adjustable and flexible enough to support every back, it is portable and lightweight and can be used in the car, home or at work. Designed by an Australian Physiotherapist and Orthotist.

Product Features:

  • unique shell shaped structure with adjustable straps for full back support
  • angle of back can be set as required
  • relieves lumbar disc pressure and reduces muscle activity in the back for pain relief
  • fits any seat; easy to install with strap attachment
  • high grade urethane cover with soft fabric upholstery
  • available in Standard or High Back, with optional coccyx and neck support

Therapod® Coccyx Seat relieves sciatic and coccyx discomfort, helps stabilise the pelvis and improves seat and back pressure distribution. Can be used on its own or attached to Standard and High Back Therapod

Product Specification:

ITEM Standard High Back Seat Neck Support
HEIGHT 600 mm 800 mm 50 mm 160 mm
WIDTH 500 mm 500 mm 500 mm 240 mm
DEPTH 100 mm 100 mm 500 mm 80 mm
WEIGHT 1 kg  1 kg 500 g 100 g